Friday, November 18, 2011

Bosasa - Top Education for Youth Centres

Bosasa Youth Development Centres continues to raise the education bar. YDC is a private education provider registered with Umalusi and the Department of Education and a member of APPED. We have young people in formal education system as well as the ABET levels. The formal system has grades 8 to 12 in which we function under the jurisdiction of the District Offices and local schools for exam purposes. Our vocational skills education programmes are approved by the relevant SETAs.

Children under in the care of our Youth Centres are registered for full unit standard qualifications in their modules. They are given up to three chances when they are not yet competent until they come ‘fully competent’. Learner support programmes in Life Skills, Entrepreneurial development, Career development, Citizenship and Therapy programmes help in the transformation of the children and armed with new skills they are imbued with renewed hope for as better future.

All private providers must be accredited by Umalusi to ensure that the education provided at their sites is legitimate. This also works as a deterrent for the here-today-gone-tomorrow operators and they are many. One of the conditions is that private providers of education must be registered as PTY Limited companies . Before accreditation, evaluation is done by specialists in various fields and councillors who audit the site. Education providers are taken through the stages of provisional accreditation through to provisional accreditation with candidacy status.

Previously there was an NQF framework with levels 1 to 8. Now there are three councils with levels 1 to 10 and their self-defined frameworks, namely . the Higher Education Council, Umalusi Council and the Qualifications Council for Trades and Occupation (QTCO) for apprenticeships and SETA related qualifications. Levels 5 to 10 are Higher Education framework levels while levels 1 to 4 are Umalusi and NQF based. Take Umalusi NQF level 4 for instance, it is where you get the Grade 12 examination. QTCO is on levels 1 to 10

ABET levels 1 to 4 is an adult school level with Grade 1 being equal to preschool levels and for the adults who cannot read or write their names.
Pursuing Umalusi standards has paid handsome dividends as many of our youth go on to achieve great things here and overseas. At least we know we are part of that success - second time around.

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