Friday, November 18, 2011

Pastoral Mentorship Programme at Bosasa

More and more organisations are looking beyond conventional options for personal guidance and solutions. Realising that sustainability means caring for people in the workplace physically mentally and spiritually, the Rev. Gerhard van der Merwe facilitated a mentoring programme for the Dutch Reformed Church at Mogale Business Park. This means that spiritual leaders will now be entering the workplace to provide mentoring services for both leadership and personnel.

A workshop for 55 religious leaders was held at the Mogale Business Park training centre in September, to develop a uniform approach. "We aim to make a substantial difference to the lives of personnel at any level" Rev. Van der Merwe. The initiative has been welcomed by the business community in South Africa who feel that this holistic approach is long overdue.

Mentoring is now regulated by the South African Council of Coaches and Mentors which has thrown its full support and endorsement of this initiative. The Council will be organising media interviews for the mentoring group.


Leadership in the making - Gavin Watson

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