Monday, January 9, 2012

Bosasa Sponsored Early Childhood Seminar

The event took off as well as it was planned. Bosasa was one of the sponsors of the event and was announced as such. The most senior official who was present on the first day was the HOD, Ms. Bea Hackula.

The audience was warmed by the children's poetry and song and dance presentation. Their colourful t-shirts bearing the Department of Social Development coat of arms and special programmes message in partnership with Bosasa earned them a standing ovation from the audience.

These young stars had the media contingency that included a regional radio station and other stakeholders eating out of their tiny hands. As the children moved out of the conference venue, they were marshaled by the HOD, who not could hold back the joy the children gave all those who were present. The day continued with all the invited guests giving presentations to the audience. Nestle presented a paper on the brain development of the child from the womb until the age of 5 years.

High quality care in the early childhood development centres was presented by Occupational Therapists, the departments of health and education presented their role in the early child hood development.

The COO (Chief Operations Officer) Mr Ntshona of the Department Social Development made closing remarks summarizing and putting into context the proceedings of the day. All the speakers from day one were presented with gifts and EC provincial officials were also presented with Bosasa corporate diaries including the HOD. Fruit baskets were also given to other presenters.

The second day proceeded with MEC Penny Majodina presenting throughout the day. Few presentations took place. The MEC closed the proceedings with her address. In her speech, the MEC informed the delegates that the event was her brain child. "It is my event, I was the one who initiated it through Mr. Magxegwana therefore it made sense that I was part of it. I had to leave everything and prioritise it," she shared emotively. She thanked all the stakeholders and sponsors who partnered with the department in ensuring that the event was a success.

Bosasa was one of the organizations mentioned alongside, Standard Bank, Impinda holdings, Nestle SA and others. The MEC was presented with a bosasa corporate diary that went with the Bosasa scarf. The company made a positive impact especially in showing interest in the lives of young children.

This emphasised our commitment in revention programmes by empowering children in the early years of their lives so that they can grow with a proper foundation which will guarantee that they grow responsibly and without fending into criminal activities.

The positive impact Bosasa made in partnering with the department in this event will go a long way as the t-shirts were more than enough. Approximately thirty children wore the Bosasa made t-shirts; the other twenty wore t-shirts from another sponsor.The department made a commitment that the remaining seventy t-shirts sponsored by Bosasa will be worn by the children in the national early childhood development event to be held in the Eastern Cape on 24-25 January 2012, as this one was a provincial event.The event was indeed a success; we have just made another milestone moving forward as an organization.

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