Monday, January 9, 2012

Bosasa Systems are Ahead of the Pack

Invoice management to and from creditors and debtors requires a dedicated department to control.

Daily capturing of data from these invoices can drain human resources, valuable space and time. Our streamlined invoicing system allows our clients a single statement with which to interact and transact.

This means that they do not have to drown under a torrent of paperwork. This is in spite of all the services we provide to them.

Our Trustmaster Kitchen Management software package captures every invoice in real time. And then it does all the balancing with a capability to produce a comprehensive report at any given time.

It manages every step from ordering kitchen supplies, nutrition and diets management and stock control, all the way to every active part of the inventory, thus allowing us to produce
a single invoice.

The offender head count signed off by DCS officials is also accurately and speedily captured by our system. Even the client does not have to issue out an invoice for the fresh produce we get from their fields. It is in the one invoice and the value provided is duly deducted.

This is the Bosasa way of ensuring a seamless and rapid turnaround.

Gavin Watson

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