Monday, January 9, 2012

Bosasa's shared asset base with Correctional Centres

Servicing 32 correctional Centres throughout the country requires more than just phone calls. Daily visits from Bosasa leadership, daily monitoring by trustMasterR, and rapid access to all centres with a managed fleet of vehicles made the difference. This was made possible by 27 dedicated vehicles and very dedicated drivers

Vehicle Statistics:
10 Toyota Hilux
7 Ford Bantam
4 Toyota Avanza
1 Volkswagen Caddy
5 Toyota Dyna Ton truck

Bosasa's shares its asset register base

Fire Ext: Chemical 9Kg/Fry Fighter X 1
Fire Extinguisher: Co2 2Kg X1
Fire Extinguisher: Co2 3.8Kg X88
Fire Extinguisher: Co2 5Kg X6
Fire Extinguisher: Dcp 4.5Kg X116
Fire Extinguisher: Dcp 9Kg X260

Offenders have a right to good food but also safe food. This is the morality and good governance base of Bosasa as it drives immaculate kitchen hygiene. This attitude led to a long term relationship with Chemical Convertors where both parties understood the implications of poor attention to detail in kitchens that serve 54,000 meals three times a day. "We have been with Bosasa from inception, in fact before, when Gavin Watson was describing this envisioned company he was going to grow into a world leader. Today fifteen years later, Bosasa is the valued giant he said it would be." These are the word of Ivan Davidson from Chemical Convertors, a contract manufacturing company. Davidson visits all the correctional centres weekly to assess hygiene levels. We give him the page as he extols the merits of a Bosasa kitchen. The company has been a supplier of specialised chemicals to Bosasa for kitchen hygiene since inception. "From the beginning Gavin Watson insisted on measurable standards and regular audits and nothing has changed today".

To Davidson this is the kind of professionalism that that this industry needs.

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